The best way to get rid of facial hair

The best way to get rid of facial hair

The most troublesome beauty problem for females is how to get rid of facial hair. The unwanted hair growth on facial area becomes embarrassing for females to even talk about and is one serious problem to deal with. There are always too many queries regarding the best method for getting rid of facial hair but the truth is that no particular method is the best. In fact the method must be chosen according to thickness, quantity and location of the hair growth.

So take a look below different methods and decide which one suits you the best:

1. Threading

Threading is by far the most common method of hair removal from the eyebrows or the upper lip portion. But this method is temporary and you will have to do the same process after few weeks again. For soft skins it is quite painful and may even leave red marks on the skin.

2. Waxing

Though this method removes the hair from the root and is preferred for areas like the sideburns and chin area. But regular pulling out of hair from the soft skin of face can result in loose skin after some sessions. Therefore it is better to consider your skin condition and then opt for this method.

3. Plucking

This method uses tweezers to remove hair from follicles but this method is limited only for chin and brows area and is not suitable for hair removal from upper lip portion.

4. Bleaching

This method is not a removal for facial hair and is rather a camouflage method to hide your facial hair effectively. After bleaching the hair color matches with skin tone and so become unnoticeable. Though this method stays effective for weeks but sensitive skin should avoid this method.

5. Laser

This is one very popular method of permanent facial hair removal. This method requires a few numbers of sessions and can cover a broader area for hair removal. It is an expensive method of hair removal and since it involves LASER beam therefore this treatment must be done in a reputed and trusted clinic only otherwise it may cause redness, burns, swelling and itching problem.

6. Electrolysis

This method is also for permanent facial hair removal but the re-growth may occur in some cases. This method uses either needles or no needles in removing hair and in either case the result it more or less same.

These are some ways to get rid of facial hair and the method which is suitable for your skin type and needs then choose that method for removing unwanted facial hair.