Ovation Hair Cell Therapy Review

Ovation Hair Cell Therapy Review

The Ovation Cell Therapy is making tall claims in recent days by way of featuring in most of the advertisements related to hair care. For those who do not know about the system; it is a scientific method of hair care involving necessary vitamins, proteins and other extracts which can help in the development of a stronger, thicker and longer hair. Now, everyone wants to find out what is the truth behind such claims by experiencing the product themselves. There are various products coming into the market using such techniques in the form of shampoo and conditioner.

If we talk about the Ovation Color Therapy Shampoo, it is a nice fragrant shampoo that can give excellent conditioning to your hair. It is basically prepared for color treated hair, which suffers considerable damage and protein loss due to its exposure to color. This is where the therapy faces criticism when claiming to fasten hair growth, reduce split ends and hair loss. On the other hand, The Ovation Creme Rinse is a comparatively better product which can make your hair smooth and entangled. It is a light weight creamy conditioner that takes care of all your hair problems.

Over and all, the therapy offers lots of moisturizing balance to your hair, thus actually help to strengthen your hair. But it may cause protein overload and will affect the natural elasticity of hair. As a result, your hair might grow tougher, rather than smooth. This therapy is based on a high protein technique which may indirectly hamper your hair. So, it is advisable to use this system with some other moisturizing system to prevent extra thickening of your hair.

To talk about its claim to give a stronger hair, then it is quite convincing. It will definitely help you to achieve that. If you use the three products together, including the conditioner, shampoo and cream rinse, they will leave your hair strong like never before.

The thicker hair notion, associated with this therapy is well proved. The system is based on protein conditioning whereby the proteins get deposited in the cuticle and will actually offer you a thicker shaft.

The longer hair claim is doubtful. As the reviews speak; there is no real hair growth that users experience even after using the product for two months.

Last but not the least, the price might come its way of popularity as it costs high compared to other hair care products. However, there is no harm using the products once, just to see the effects…