How to get wavy hair with 6 different methods

How to get wavy hair with 6 different methods

Does your hair fall down like an arrow, absolutely straight? If yes then it may be difficult and even quite annoying for you to not being able to enjoy the cool and sexy look of a wavy hair. But even if your hair is naturally straight you can still enjoy the beech and wavy look of hair using some tips given below. So read all the tips and know better on how to get wavy hair.

  1. Always start with wet hair

The first and the foremost tip is to start with wet hair. No matter which method you opt but never try it on dry hair. Your hair must be damp when you apply any technique to make your hair wavy.

  1. Use curling iron

Using curling hair you can get the wavy hair you desire. Just curl the hair in sections, starting from your hair root and slowly twisting towards end. And then comb using your fingers though the sections to loosen up these curls and get full wavy hair.

  1. Hot rollers

Hot rollers are the ideal method to create polished and full wavy hair. Once you have set your hair using the hot rollers then just loosen up your hair with your fingers and get wavy hair. But make sure that you use a heat protectant on your hair so that it does not get damage due to heat.

  1. Using Pin Curls

Pin curl is better than the above two methods when it comes to getting full wavy hair. And the right way to use this method is by separating hair into at least four sections and twisting each section to form coils. Then pin the hair coil and allow it to dry. And later when you will uncoil your hair they will be perfectly wavy and beautiful.

  1. Braid your hair

You can braid your hair at night and then sleep with it. The waves will set up in your hair during night as the hair will dry and in the morning just unite them and comb them using fingers or large toothed combs for getting your desired wavy hair.

  1. And lastly hold your wavy hair through hairsprays

Once you have got wavy hair then use light hairsprays on them to maintain the wavy look through-out the day.

So follow the above tips and get the wavy hair naturally.