How much does your Hair Grow in a Month

How much does your Hair Grow in a Month

Most of the ladies like to have long hair because so many hairstyles are possible with them. No matter what you do to make your hair grow longer, there is a limitation to its growth per month. For example, in a month, hair grows about ½ inch, on an average. This means that hair would grow up to 6 inches in a year. But, what if you want to grow your hair more than that? Isn’t there a solution? When you would notice boys’ hair growth, you would realize that their hair grows faster than yours. So, there is definitely a solution to make your hair grow longer in a fast manner. Some tips have been given here which would help you to grow your hair longer.

Weather Conditions also make a Difference

Since hair growth is possible only in a warm climate, it would be a nice idea to concentrate on the hair growth in summers rather than in winters. So, make sure that you do something for your hair this season if you want them to be long.

Tips to Grow Hair Longer

Remember, no matter how much you try to grow your hair, they would grow only according to the laws of the nature. However, you can definitely promote good health of your hair and take proper diet so that they grow faster. Some of the practical tips which would help you to grow your hair have been discussed as under:

  • Look at your Lifestyle: The health of the hair would be denoted by their texture and the moisture present in them. In case your hair is very dry and rough, you need to realize that your lifestyle is not healthy and you definitely need to change it. Sleep properly at night, do not get depressed over little issues, exercise daily, include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and drink enough milk and consume adequate milk products. Also, drink plenty of water.
  • Get a Regular Trim: The split ends and the dry or damaged parts of your hair must be removed on a regular basis so that it looks shiny and carry an improved appearance. A wise thing to do would be to tell your hair trimmer that you are getting a trim only because you want to grow your hair longer.
  • Use Organic Products on your Hair: Chemical products would only harm your hair and hinder their growth. You must use organic products on your hair. But, make sure that you get an advice from a professional hair expert. Based on your hair, he would recommend you a particular product.
  • Avoid Heat: Most of the ladies go for hair treatments when they have to go to a party. But, these would make your hair look good only on a temporary basis while in the long run, they would only be damaged. Additionally, their growth would also be hindered. Try to adopt natural ways to treat your hair.

The hormones and the hair follicles only would decide the growth rate of the hair, but one thing you can do is to nourish them completely. This would give the hair proper environment to grow.