How much Biotin for Hair Growth

How much Biotin for Hair Growth

In case you want healthy hair, biotin is something you can try. Many a times, hair gets deficit of biotin and this definitely reduces hair volume and demotes its growth as well. In order to recover the hair growth, biotin supplements can be taken and biotin containing shampoo and conditioners can also be used. However, too much biotin would definitely produce side effects and the results would be counterproductive. So, it is important to understand how much dosage of biotin is safe to take.

Is Biotin Really Effective for Hair Growth?

Good levels of biotin would definitely enhance the health of hair, though it is not sure whether it would promote hair growth or not. There is evidence available to support the fact that biotin can promote nail growth, but when it comes to hair growth, no evidence is there. The companies which manufacture biotin shampoos claim that these shampoos can treat hair loss problems, increase the volume of the hair and add a luster to the hair. In case you trust biotin or biotin shampoo has produced positive results in your case, you can also take biotin supplements after proper consultation with a doctor.

Factors Affecting the Dose of Biotin

There is no fixed quantity of biotin that is regarded as sufficient for everyone. It depends on your personal health condition that how much biotin would be safe for you and how much would be too much. Depending on your gender and age, you would need to maintain a specified intake level of biotin. Further, if you are pregnant, you would need to take care of some additional precautions.

Safe Amount of Biotin

According to the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine, the adults who are at least 19 years in age, as well as the children who are above the age of 14 but below the age of 19, should take up to 35 mcg of biotin on a daily basis. However, there is no need of additional supplements to fulfil this requirement because this much quantity of biotin is generally there in your daily diet. The food items such as egg yolk, avocado, salmon etc. are rich sources of biotin and if you have them daily, you would never face the problem of biotin deficiency.

As far as the pregnant ladies are considered, they must take at least 30 mcg of biotin on a daily basis and in case women are lactating, 35 mcg biotin is enough. Since pregnant and lactating women would be eating very different kind of food items, they might have to take additional supplements to fulfil the biotin requirement of their body.

How much Dose would be counted as the Overdose of Biotin?

Well, there is no scientific report on how much biotin would be too much, but if you take more than 200 mg of biotin per day, it might be dangerous. Though some side effects would start to appear when its dose reaches near to 200 mg, adverse side effects would not show up at this stage. In any case, it is not recommended to take biotin supplements without the prescription of an expert.