Guidelines for Picking the Safe Hair Dye for Pregnancy

Guidelines for Picking the Safe Hair Dye for Pregnancy

Stretch marks, swollen ankles, intolerable itching sensation in the belly, fainting sensation, loss of stamina and so on are really inevitable troubles faced by a woman during her pregnancy cycle. These troubles are not an uncommon systems faced by a woman and being pregnant she need not restrict herself to have fabulous hair. Having healthy mesmerizing hair is also possible during pregnancy cycle by simply being sensible. Even though scientist say hair growth will be likely higher during pregnancy phase, gray hair will also peep out considerably. Many women will carry an unanswerable question which will be “Can I dye my hair while being pregnant?” Some studies and researches state that it’s highly secure to color the hair while women being pregnant and they also assure that the color mixed up in permanent and semi – permanent dyes are really not toxic.

On other hand they also say, using heavy doses of chemical mixed hair dyes will abruptly cause severe effects for both normal women and women who are pregnant. From this it is clear that women being pregnant must be highly conscious towards the ingredients list added in the label of every hair dye. Apart from this, there are also many other facts to be considered generally to have a healthy and colourful hair during pregnancy. Here in this post we shall discuss about how to choose a safe hair dye for pregnancy and also let’s come back to a solution for many common questions asked related to pregnancy and hair dye.

Hair dyes strictly restricted during pregnancy

Research says all hair dyes are not less toxic as because many brands in market are sprinkled with abnormal chemicals as to give effective instant result in dying process. This may be usual while being in normal condition but when a woman is pregnant, she must consider about many inevitable side effects caused as a result of using such hair dyes. Here are few chemical contents which are greatly dangerous for both fetus and mother

  1. Ammonia
  2. Peroxide (Bleach)
  3. PPD (Para – Phenylenedimine )
  4. Resorcinol
  5. Parabens


Ammonia is one of the important ingredients used in hair dye production as it gives desired results instantly. There are many hair dye brands which are the best ammonia free alternatives and choosing such brands will be really an apt choice. So, woman must consider using hair dyes which are ammonia free and it will be safe enough during pregnancy for both mother and fetus.

Para – Phenylenedimine and Resorcinol

Para – Phenylenedimine and Resorcinol are common ingredients which are used in hair dyes and it helps the hair to obtain better darker shades. Many researchers denote that these two ingredients are having eventually destructive effects because there are high possibilities to get cancer while using hair dyes containing these particular chemicals. PPD is actually a preservative which used to preserve wood and thus woman who pregnant must check into these important factors and not only in hair dye, also make – up products containing these two particular ingredients must be avoided as it has high capacity of disrupting endocrine system.

Toxic ingredients

Peroxide and parabens which damages the natural hair structure and it makes hair brittle. Actually these two are a kind of bleaching contents and it must be strictly prohibited while traveling in pregnancy cycle.Guidelines for Picking the Safe Hair Dye for Pregnancy

Tips for using hair dyes safely during pregnancy cycle

Women who are pregnant are in the condition to necessarily take brave decision in choosing their hair dyes and it will be really a safe hair dye for pregnancy avoiding all such toxic hair dyes. Followed by above instructions here are few tips which may be useful for pregnant women to perform healthy hair coloring process.

  • Dye testing
  • Managing minimum duration
  • Wearing gloves in hands
  • Using semi – permanent hair dye

While following above said tips, women need not worry about the hazards caused by hair dyes during pregnancy.

Consult your doctor

Apart from all the general tips which can be read in all sites, women can prefer taking advice of their own doctors. They will surely determine the best hair dye which suits your hair and your health condition when being in pregnancy stage. Using hair dyes suggested by them will not have all above mentioned chemicals as your doctors are highly conscious towards your health than you.

Best to avoid hair dying in first trimester

Many women have deep knowledge about the three differentiated periods in their pregnancy cycle. Among those three periods, first trimester comes first which constitutes first three months of pregnancy. It is during this period there will be fast growth of the fetus inside mother’s womb. During this time period woman has to be really careful and must be conscious towards the products used by them. Avoiding chemicals is really good and so woman can wait till the completion of first trimester. Normal hair treatments can be performed from the beginning of second trimester which will be good for both baby and mother.

Go natural and organic

Some women might be deeply worried thinking of their hair glow and they might also hesitate to stop their hair dying process. For such females there is an only way to be followed and it is choosing natural and organic hair dyes. There are many brands in market turning their focus towards the ways to produce natural and organic products. Preferring those kinds will do better for woman in their pregnancy period and also there are vegetables oils sold in market which gives real glow to the hair. It can also be taken as their choice and additionally henna, coffee and tea extracts are other products which will suit all sought of woman. Adding these in regular hair treatment will also give desired result. Here are few brands which are highly popular in market because of their natural contents and they are

  • Garnier Olia ammonia – free hair color
  • Hannah Natural 100% chemical – free hair dye
  • ONC Natural colors hair dye
  • Revlon color silk hair color
  • Keune so pure permanent hair color

Finally, it is good to preserve your hair using natural and organic products which will be safe hair dye for pregnancy and also good for your small little fetus inside womb. Even if you choose chemical hair dyes, it will be safer enough to avoid toxic substances mentioned above.